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User Group Level Security

               It is very important to set access permissions for a specific set of users, so that all users in the group will get the similar permissions.First of all, we need to create a user group using Secure First. Create a user group and add users to the group.

               Now, we can set permission for the user groups. For example, Let us take a control called ‘Vehicle insurance number’ in the smart truck App. Enable customization and select control security menu (We can do the same through Apps First also). Select the security model as custom and save. Then click on the permissions menu.

               You will have mainly two tabs- Users and user groups. We need to select user group and click on add a new group. Select the group through the lookup button and set the permission. All the permissions are in similar to user permissions.

               Granting browse access allows the users to view the control, Read access to read-only, editing is possible if you have write access. Deny the Execute Access if you don’t want to show the controls to the user group.


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