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Understanding Themes & Styles

           Web Designer enables you to create themes and styles by your own with very less effort, even if you are not an Expert Designer.


           A Theme is a collection of property settings that allow you to define the look of pages and controls, and then apply the look consistently across pages in an application, across an entire application, or across all applications on a server.

           Theming is an effective way to manage Styles in your web site even without any in-depth knowledge of CSS. Generally, all your Apps may reuse the Account Level Theme. A single Account Level Theme can bring standardization across all Apps of your company. However, if you would like to have a uniquely different Theme for a particular App or Pages in an App (for example, the home page with a green Theme and an About Us page with blue), you can easily execute those changes too in just one click.


           While you can accomplish relatively general changes through theming, you can achieve much complex things through styling. With the use of the Web Designer Studio, you can directly change the style sheet of your app – it opens up unlimited opportunities for the web artists. You may want to create a New Style only if you want to have a drastically different look or if it is for a unique device (such as a TV screen or a rare smart phone display). In styles you can add CSS style sheets, but by using themes you can override the background colors of the controls and menu etc. So that with a single Style you can create more themes, just by changing colors.

           At Style page you can give your design so that you can create your own unique Style. Style mainly deals with height, width, alignments etc. Style mainly include the look of the controls, it does not deals with color which comes under Themes.

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