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Understanding Security Of Menu Items Of Bizfirst Apps

               Secure First manages users and groups of all Biz First Apps through a centralized system. The users and groups can be custom assigned to Resources or Groups of Resources such as functions, data or documents. Secure First helps you to make the very basic components of Apps such as menu items, controls etc secure.

               There are mainly four types of Security Models. They are inherit parent, inherit owner, and enforce entity and Custom. The first two models secure menu by stopping the menu from being inherited. If you select Custom security model, you can set different type of access rights for different users. This helps you to make your App more secure and can give access to different user groups with different privileges.

               For example, Let us take Book Management App. There are two users. You need to give access to only browse the menu for user1. But user2 has given the rights to browse as well as execute the menu. So that when the user1 open the App, he can view the menu but when tried to execute it won’t work. But for user2, he can execute the menu without any problem.

               Secure First will give Admin all access on menus. Secure First helps you to control the access of a particular menu according to the users or user groups. Secure First provide security to the App in all aspects.


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