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Understanding Security Of BizFirst Apps

                Security provides a form of protection where a separation is created between the assets and the threat. As far as business operations are concerned, security is one among the most challenging tasks to be administered. Securing the right information at the right hands has always been a challenge. Safeguarding the resources, functionality, data and documents require a well-built safety system backed up by strong security architecture.

                You can select security model as custom. Secure First provides security to all components of the Apps as you require. If you need to give security only to controls or menus or pads or any other components separately or you want to give security to the whole App itself, Secure First enables you to give security according to your wish. You can give rights to Read, Write, Execute, Admin Read and Admin to your users. So that you can control the access of users to your Apps.

                For example, Let us take Book Management App. You have to select Custom Security model. Then you can set permissions for each user. Consider there are three users. You need to give access to only Browse the information from App and execute the App to user1 not to write anything. But user2 has given the rights to Browse, write and execute the App, if required. But for user3 you don’t want to give the right to even execute the App. This can be possible using Secure First. By setting permissions for specific users you can control the access of a particular control.


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