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Understanding Conditions

               Condition is one of the basic components of a rule object. Conditions will returns a “Yes” or “No” value when executed. Conditions have a left operand and a right operand. In each operand you can add a rule object such as actions, rules etc. You can also give an operator in between these two operands to create a condition. Using this rule engine you can create any type of business logics.

               Here you can give My Pre-Condition Activities and My Post-Condition Activities. These activities are actionsets which should be executed before and after checking the condition. These activities should work independent of the result of condition execution. Then you can give My Pass-Condition Activities and My fail-Condition Activities. These activities will work according to the result of condition given. The conditions help the rule engine to be more powerful and flexible. Rules engine helps the users to create simple actions and arrange actions in such way that it can create a complex logic.


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