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Understanding Branding In BizFirst Web Designer

               While building applications or web sites, organizations try to hide the service provider names and logos from the users. Especially if these are used at client systems, then a better approach is to show only the company’s brand and/or the client’s logo. It will be a real value-addition if you can provide a customized brand experience based on the client who is logged in. When you build an App in Enterprise First, you will have the option to define numerous brands for your company. You can configure a default brand for your account and unique brands for each and every Apps or Users. It is also possible that two different pages in your app can have two different branding if you prefer it this way. If the permissions are set, your users can also change the brand.

               Imagine “your logo, your client logo, and your company tag line” changing dynamically based on who logged on to the app. BizFirst Web Designer can make your dreams come true. With the help of Web Designer you can create brands at user level, such that for each user you can provide different brands. You can provide different brands for different Apps. You also can provide another brand for administrators. Thus branding is the most powerful as well as advanced tool from the Web Designer Tool kit.

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