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Understanding BizFirst Web Designer

                           Your App may need a unique look to rightly represent your unique business and Brand. Branding components, Color and Spacing of Website, Styling of the Controls, Layout, and placement of the tabs all comes together to determine the beauty and uniqueness of your app. Traditionally, an expert Web designer needed to be hired to bring the real charm to your web site. Our Web Designer tool will now allow you to quickly change or add components to your App and help draw out your imaginations in no time, that too without the help of any experts.

                           There are plenty of Skins; themes and other component are available in our Design Bank. You can use these to change the look and feel of your application. This helps you to create attractive looking applications without the help of an Expert Designer. But in some scenarios you want to create Brand new Portal Layouts, Themes, Skins and Brands. There are scenarios where you App needs to switch Layout, Brand, Skins and even content based on the logged in user, type of device.

                           Though it is simple to create a custom Web Design-Profile for your overall account or a specific App – making it dynamic based on the user or device is pretty easy, once you have a basic understanding of the Web Designer components.


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