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Getting Started-Secure First

                                 Security is an important concept while using an enterprise level App. It is difficult to achieve all the security needs. But Secure First allows you to secure each and every component in your App- from every control to the App itself. We can set security for users as well as user groups.To know more about User Group Level Security please Click Here.

1. App Level: You may have number of users of different level. Hence you may need to set the permission for different users. For example, consider users who don’t need to edit the contents. For this you can set the Read-only access to that particular user. This will allow the user to open and view all the details in the App, but he cannot edit the contents.

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2. Entity: There may be a case where you need to secure a particular menu or part of your app from a specific set of users. You can achieve this by securing through entity level security. The basic components of all Biz First Apps are Entities. Hence if you set permission for a particular entity which automatically secure all the menus and controls in that particular entity.

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3. Pad: Pad level security is another important concept in security management using secure first. There will be different of pads such as browser pad, editor pad, menu pad etc. If you don’t want to show these for a particular user or user group, you can set permission for a pad.

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4. Menu: We will have menu level security also. You can have some menus with limited access to some users.

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5. Control: Control level security is the basic type of security in the Architecture. You can set permission for each and every control whether it is text box or checkbox or lookup.

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