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Sales Horse Riders- Case Study

Industry: Marketing


The Sales Horse Riders is a startup company that focuses on sales and marketing. One of the their newest projects was to provide a web-based portal from which their customers could download business leads. Once downloaded, a customer could then enhance business leads by capturing more information about that lead. The app (sales manager) would provide the source of business leads for the customer.

Importing so much data to provide a search-friendly data structure was a challenge, especially since usage-based billing and mobile accessibility were some of the objectives of the project. Sales Horse Riders also required a data upload interface. They wanted a white label solution, and they needed the project completed as quickly as possible.


The Sales Horse Riders discovered AppsFirst from BizFirst and realized BizFirst offers more than what they required. The following features were important to Sales Horse Riders:

  • BizFirst platform that can host millions of records
  • The option to host the database and the web server on-premise at a later time
  • The ability to sell the app to their customer
  • A web-based interface that supports bulk upload and data cleansing
  • A web-based import interface that can be used by each of their customers as well
  • Role-based security
  • A while labelled solution
  • A global and local search interface for millions of records
  • Leverage of BizFirst market place for free advertisement
  • Configurable forms, data access, and business rules
  • Usage tracking
  • Mobile and tablet readiness

A Vision of Change

Since opening its doors in 2011, Sales Horse Riders has earned a reputation for forward-thinking methodology and diversity.  As one of the niche players in the business marketing sector, they consistently find new and innovative ways to offer the best quality services without increasing costs. Recently, they decided to launch a new business directory web portal, which they needed within a short time period.

They needed to find an affordable and comprehensive solution with low time-to-market for launching a complex web application—in just a few short weeks. They were determined to meet the aggressive deadline while keeping costs low and began looking for alternatives to traditional programming. Sales Horse Riders needed a highly-scalable infrastructure that could handle 100,000 database transactions or more each day initially and uphold the required performance standards of the Sales Horse Riders website. That’s when Sales Horse Riders found BizFirst.

The Means to Success

AppsFirst’s do-it-yourself platform enabled the Sales Horse Riders team to design and deploy their entire contacts directory as a web-based searchable database using our wizards. Because they were empowered to create a highly-customized application instead of using one-size-fits-all traditional software, they successfully designed an application to their exact requirements.

“With Biz First, we can create an app with that large amount of detailed information online in a way that makes it easy for customers to use.”

Sales Horse Riders’ team completed the project without involving IT resources, and the added functionality resulted in increased page views across the website. They also created an administrator interface for adding more contacts and managing the transaction of contacts. This application allows the customers to view millions of contacts available in their database. Role-based access control is also possible. The company can download as many contacts as they require, and customers also can add contacts to the product database.

More Functionality, Less Cost

With the success of their new product, Sales Horse Riders team began creating other apps to boost the functionality of the Sales Horse Riders website. Visitors now enjoy hassle-free usage of the sales manager.

“As a marketing firm, we have a lot of responsibility on a tight budget. BizFirst Platform simply helps us do more with less.”

BizFirst customer care service has a proven track record of enabling its customers to save significant IT resources while decreasing time-to-market.


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