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Getting Started-Process First

               Process First simplifies complex work flow of Enterprise systems. Normally the enterprise systems seeks third party integration for a smooth run of their workflow. But with the help of Process First, you can simplify all the complex workflow to great extent.


               You can develop your App using Apps First and if you have some complex business processes you can make use of Process First. A process consists of different process threads. A process thread executes one or more process elements. A process element can be a gateway operation such as ‘Loop’ or ‘OR’ condition. A process element can also be a task activity such as a call to a Rule, Service, Process or Transaction.

To know How to create a Process please Click Here


               A service generally calls a Process or another Service. Service supports transactions for processes or tasks that are executed within the server. A service is called through a Service Client.

To know How to create a service please Click Here


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