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Platform as a Service (PaaS)– Simplifying App Development

For quite some time now, the term PaaS (Platform as a Service) has being used anywhere you read about new-age technology or innovation.It is recommended widely as a must-adopt alternative in enterprise development operations, ranging from high-end enterprise application integration to even small business apps. However, the experts in this area as well as service providers attest to the fact that adoption of PaaS in actual scenarios hasn’t kept up well with its hype.


It may be that people simply think of PaaS as something that’s discussed every now and then in the articles and discussions of tech geeks, rather than the perception of PaaS as a cutting-edge technology.Even enterprises don’t really think of it as a customized solution for their ever-changing business challenges. Ask any PaaS vendors about the performance of their PaaS product and they’ll likely say they are still in the process of explaining what it is and how it works with potential clients.

The future is PaaS

According to the expert analysts of Gartner Inc.,PaaS adoption rates are expected to experience a steep climb in the coming years.

On the other hand, it was also pointed out that major vendors still don’t have fully formed PaaS solutions for offering foolproof services to meet every customized need of the user.

The vendors are focusing more now on popularizing PaaS and explaining to customers how a PaaS product can correctly fit into their business, along with all the advantages it can offer in terms of cost cutting and effective performance. However, in the recent future, it can be expected that PaaS will takeover the conventional packaged software by offering fully featured customer-centric service modelswith cloud technology.

Making life a bit more easier

PaaS is specifically meant to eliminate all existing hassles related to enterprise app development, even covering small business app development. Ensuring maximum scalability, developers can custom build and deploy all sorts of applications without worrying about cross-platform functionality, integrality, or security. And there are many high-end PaaS-based application development studios already out in the market, such as AppsFirst from BizFirst.

The major advantage PaaS can bring to the app development arena is its efficacy to make anyone an app developer. Until recent times, it was not even a distant dream for the common man to achieve development with the sort of expertise, refined skills, and tedious labornormally needed for it.

Now, having your specific needs in mind and a little time to follow a well-informed process in app development are all that is needed to achieve your app development goals. The enterprises no longer need to set up a high-end infrastructure or full-fledged development environment to actualize business app development needs.


Lesser cost, better output

 PaaS-based development further frees up developers by eliminating a lot of monotonous repetitive work, and it also lets them skirt the operations team and the need to test these applications. All in all, PaaS has not just changed the app development process from the perspective of cost and time taken—it also really changed the way apps are designed based on the user-turned-developer’s unique needs.

 As it is a new technology for users to try, many PaaS vendors like Biz First offer free trial options too. Apps First, the highly innovative app builder studio, can be tried with a free trial at As the future’s most trust-able deployment model, PaaS will surely help better redistribute the limited IT resources of enterprises and in turn lower the operational costs in a big way.

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