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Overview Of Tree Nodes

                The components of a tree are called nodes. At the top is the root node of the tree; in the interior of the diagram there are branch nodes; at the bottom are the leaf nodes, from which no further branches extend. Tree Nodes are inheritable and can be published with or without child nodes. Tree Nodes help you to develop a rich UI component, almost instantly. By combining Trees with Editor Pads, you can quickly build functions similar to Windows-Explorer view (eg: Plan First Explorer)

            The user can add new tree nodes or can add already created tree nodes to a tree .
The user can add three types of tree nodes. Folder nodes used to add folder to the tree node, such that tree node will be a folder. Data nodes used to add data to the folder, such that each node will hold a data. Third one is adding a node as a root node.
For adding a node the user can get Search nodes option inside the Search nodes page there the user can create new tree nodes.

1. Basic Tab
Here the user can add the basic details of the nodes. The user can add the node name, label. The type of the node required. Also the user can set the behavior of the node here

2. Data Tab
Here the user can give the details of datasource of new node. The user can select the data class for the new node also can be selected.

3. Parameters Tab
Here the user can add parameters to the new node. The user can select parameters from already created parameters or the user can create a new one.

4. Query variables Tab
Here the user can select variables, if needed. The user can select an already created query variable or can create a new variable on the query variable tab.

5. Child nodes Tab
Here the user can add more child nodes. Here also the user can add already created nodes or create new nodes.

6. My pads Tab
Here the user can add pads. The user can select already created pads or can create new pads for the new node.

7. Menu item Tab
The user can select menu items needed for the implementation of new tree node. The menu item can be created newly or can select an already created menu.

8. Style
The user can select style element for beautifying the node. The user can add name of the image, so that the node will have that image.

9. Inheritance
The user can add the details like from which control the new node should be inherited.

10. Security
This tab is used for security purposes. Here the user can create an ID for the new node and the name of the owner application. This will ensure the code security.

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