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Overview Of New Data Class Wizard

                      The system needs to know everything about the data which it deals with. For example, a Doctor Management System needs to know the attributes of each particular doctor (eg: Doctor’s Name, Specialization, Credentials etc). App developer defines a Data Class and provides comprehensive information about each and every attribute of the doctor. Managing the Data Class of each entity in the system ensures trace ability, improves re-usability, controls structure or schema changes, and also brings standardization.

                  When you start with App development, defining a Data Class is the first activity you would perform. Once a Data Class is properly defined, you will be able to perform most of the corresponding steps by simply leveraging the predefined templates. To create a Data Class the user can use a New Data Class Wizard with less effort. User will have to be more careful while creating a Data Class directly without using wizard. By using wizard the user will get step by step instructions, so that user can create the Data Class without any error.

             The New Data Class Wizard will have six simple steps to create the Data Class. In the first step the user have to give the name of the module of application to which the Data Class should be added. In the next step the user have to select the data connection. In the third step the user has to select the Data Tables to which the Data Class should be created. The fourth step provides the user option to give a name on suffix or prefix of the Data Class, so that from the same table the user can create more than one Data Classes. In the fifth step the user can review the Data Table selected to create Data Class. The last step provides the user an option to review the Data Class attributes provided from the selected Data Table.


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