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Overview Of Data Environments

                        Data Environment is the environment of work. For example if the user is doing testing then he can set his data environment as Testing environment. Data Environments provide the right means to switch data connections based on the specific environment. For example, you may want to switch your data environment from QA to Development when needed. All connection objects are intelligently set and will switch the destination based on the active Data Environment.

The user can create or change the data environment according to their work .He can get Manage option under Data Menu. There the user can select Manage environment option.

Manage Environment

  Here the user can create a new Environment and also he can select a proper environment according to the work he needs to perform. The user can create a new environment by giving the identifier for the Environment. Also he can give name and caption for the environment. The user can select the type of environment the user needs. Then the user can set the environment as current environment by clicking on make current button. If the value on the check box changed to yes, then the environment become current environment.


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