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New Data Connection Wizard

  When we start to create an enterprise-scale app, the first step is to create a database connection object. New Data Connection Wizard helps us to create a connection with a little effort. It is a step by step process, so that the user will not be stuck at any point of connection creation. On each step the user will get detail instructions regarding each entry on the wizard. The wizard ensures the user that the process is going on the correct way.

New Data Connection Wizard

  In most of the cases, you will be reusing the existing accounts database. In such a scenario, you need to create a data connection (recommended). For example, for a Library Managing Application, books will be stored in an SQL Server database. If you don’t have a separate database for books, you may need to create a new data connection object using New Data Connection Wizard.

  There are 4 simple steps to create a database connection using New Data Connection Wizard. While using the Wizard the user have to give the application name to which the connection is needed. Then the user will get an option to select the default connection or user can select already created data connection or can create a connection here and test whether the connection is working or not. Then save the connection.


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