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Overview of BizFirst Business Entity Wizard

An Entity here can be compared to a real life entity such as a Vendor, Book, Insurance, Bank Account, Supplier or Task. It is a powerful component that manages and drives the behavior of an entity and all its related functions. An Entity’s UI component, Rules, Business Logic, Processes, Services and Data behavior are stored and managed at a single place. With just a few clicks, you will be able to disable or enable useful features for any entity set in the system.

You may use the ‘Create New Business Entity Wizard’ to create a new entity .There are several entity templates to pick from. Each template provides a different user flow and scale. For example, Enterprise will provide you with a classic “Search” and “Add” menu options for managing books. This fits for larger entities with more than 1000 records. For smaller entities, pick “Data Browser” template, which offers a Windows Explorer type user flow.

There are only four simple steps for creating a new business entity using the wizard. The user can create an Entity using wizard with less effort as the user gets clear guidance about each step. The wizard helps the user to create an entity without any errors so that the entity will be reusable and will be working perfectly.

The Wizard has only four simple steps. In the first step the user have to select the owner application modules. In the next step the user has to select the dataclass from which the entity needs to be created. In the third step the user need to select the entity template according to their needs. In the last step the user has to give the basic information, such as name, caption etc regarding the entity.


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