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My 7th Grader Built Fully Featured Software. Aren’t You Surprised?

Based on how expensive they are, why is it that enterprise applications are so slow to innovate and take so long to deploy? Does it really take that long, or do makers of these complicated types of software want it to be so, with no scope to look back on and having to re-engineer with millions of dollars already invested?

Can’t the process be simplified to bring the power to everyone’s hands, with a self-service model in enterprise application development?

App development trends

The custom apps development market is growing faster than ever. According to Forrester research, between 2011 and 2015 overall enterprise software spending showed a 10% annual growth from $430 billion to $620 billion. OS and Middleware subsets only showed modest gains; however, applications showed a 9% annual growth that has now reached $244 billion. SaaS adoption was strong during this period, as well. Have a look at the 2015 Forrester research stats shown below.


It is doesnt have to be complex and expensivean interesting case study

After looking at this data, it’s worth considering whether custom app development can be accessible to everyone or if it still requires an expert consultant to carry out.

We tested this thought with Timothy Williamson, a 7th grader and my colleague’s younger brother whom we affectionately call Tom. We gave Tom an opportunity to build his own featured software as an academic project. This young, techno-savvy chap was very excited about it.

So, we spent some time with him over a weekend. Tom was first given an overview of the app development platform and tools to use. A couple of YouTube videos were shown to him about the features and functionality, along with a session on database structure, connectivity, and a form editor.


His wish was to build a student rating system, so we had given him some insights about it. Next, Tom was left alone for two hours to give it a try his own. Believe it or not, we got to test fully featured, functional software exclusively built by this 7th grader—all ready to go!So, based on the questions raised above, we know one thing: enterprise app development is accessible to anyone now.

Tom wants to join our team once he completes grad school, and of course he can! If you are a business owner, administrator, or process/sales manager who believes in the power of IT business, don’t you think it would be a better idea to allow users to develop their own web applications? Hopefully you said yes, because it is very much possible to develop enterprise-grade, mobile-friendly, and secured web applications without a programmer on your team.

Apps First from Biz First

Apps First is a lighter, yet very powerful app development platform in which one can build database-centric enterprise apps more quickly and easily than ever before. With all basic user management, process management, contacts management, rules management, security administration, and custom web designing capabilities readily supplied, Apps First offers a reliable and strong enterprise infrastructure that can give you a smooth head start in custom app development for fitting your business needs.


And don’t worry: the self-service model of application development doesn’t mean that you are compromising on functionality. New age enterprise applications must have all fundamental components; however, with limited budget and time, SMBs may not be able afford to make it all from scratch. Using Apps First Wizards, you can know that the process is already 90% done when you start your custom app development endeavor—and the other 10% is simple, well-informed, and user-friendly customization tasks.

PaaS serving non-developers

The PaaS model is already well-admired for its significant benefits in software hosting. Biz First leverages the capabilities of PaaS business model to serve programmers, and non-programmers too, by simplifying the creation of a new app and making changes to an existing product so they can meet specific user needs by themselves.

Achieve more for less time and cost with Apps First.To learn more, visit and cut down your app development cost by 90%.

It is so easy to setup and create your app. Sign Up Now and Try Apps First Free!

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