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Making the Most Crucial Business Decision on : Which Business Software/App to Choose

      Are you on the lookout for a customized software application to manage your business? What are your preferences? Something to track your projects, manage your sales process, or handle accounts? In this highly competitive marketplace, it’s hard to survive without the help of cutting-edge technology support in business and process management.

      And there are plenty of business apps—both good and bad ones.A simple search online for a cloud-based business process management software can bring daunting results, as there are endless options. Many have a lot of features and promises to offer. Endless searching can just increase the confusion.

      To help, we will discuss a few considerations to make while you search for a cloud solution or SaaS product for your business. This article features insight gained from completing hundreds of software implementations and reviewing dozens of business software systems and apps. There are many things to think about, but here are the top five considerations to make when choosing the best business app/software.

 1. Security

      There are many systems offering bank-grade security. This basically means they are offering SS(Secure Socket)-enabled web applications. SSL is great, of course,but you can have even better. Be sure to check whether the information is transparent on the security features or if it simply includes some vague promises. Some general features to look for are encrypted and hashed passwords, redundancy of data, IP access control, robust identity and permission management, and multi-step user authentication.

 2. Integration capabilities/API

      One of the major advantages of new-age cloud-based software is its use of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). Integration enables your software to share data and information with other attachable systems. Check whether the system offers open and accessible APIs. Implementing a system that lacks API is like working handcuffed.

 3. User Experience

      We consider user experience when rating video games, social networking apps, etc.The same is considered when looking at business software, too. Despite any intelligent features business software has, it’s important to remember software is only as effective as the person using it. So, don’t let the UI to be a nightmare to you. Don’t simply rely on the promises made to you—get a first-hand user experience through the free trials most providers offer.

 4. The vision

      Besides the technology used, be sure you are opting for a good service provider. The practice of many companies lately is to just get a big user base and then try to sell the product off to a big corporation. It is not that easy to know a company’s exact vision, but try to determine whether the founders are engineers with solid industry experience. Look for interviews, reviews, and blog posts that will help you know this information.

5. Features

      Don’t simply believe in the list a company puts forth about their advanced features; do extensive research to find out how worthwhile the features are to your unique situation. Check whether or not the features work well for your business needs.

      Overall, don’t jump to assumptions and invest time into checking out each company’s website or reading their brochures. Take the time to do the research and find the best possible option for you. Choosing the best business software is as crucial a decision as the choice to start the business itself.

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