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Key Benefits Of Apps First

Platform as a Service (PaaS) is becoming popular in a big way lately. There are plenty of app development tools available on the market that, allow users to custom develop their business apps. All of them claim to develop database apps, but once the testing starts developers will soon realize most tools cannot achieve what exactly they need.

Common questions we came across while talking with CEOs or business managers were: “Will it be possible for me to get an enterprise app to meet 100% of my needs in the way I want it to?” or “Can the app be more lightweight so I can handle it easily?” The majority of existing PaaS solutions are more aimed at supporting professional coders than helping general users do something their own without it being too more complicated.



With Apps First,we have the solution. Let’s explore how.

Apps First from Biz First is now rowing against the tide by offering users an opportunity to explore effective and simplified ways for custom development of enterprise applications. Bringing the power of personalization to the users’ hands, Apps First is paving the way to a new genre of app development platforms. In this article, we will review some of the unique advantages Apps First offers.



  • Launch Your Apps At Lightning Speed:Unlike the conventional practice of spending months to getting your custom app developed and then a considerable amount of additional time for modifications, business owner or enterprise IT team can now instantly develop enterprise-grade business applications in a matter of hours.


Once the user has a clear overview of the application screens and the data needs, they can easily create forms, controls, and data components to launch the application in just minutes by using the Apps First wizards. On this platform, you can plug in out-of-the-box features instantly and load your app with plenty of add-on features to meet various functional needs. Setting up high-end security, initial data load, setting up data backup, master data set up and a range of other essentials can be achieved effectively fall in one day.

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  • Unbelievably Cost Effective:

    Just with a single user license, you will be able to develop and host your app in a day’s time. An app developed in traditional Java language may have an estimated cost of $50,000, whereas a featured app can be developed using Apps First for just under $99. Amazing! That’s why we call this a breakthrough.

Low Cost

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  • High Quality; Enterprise Grade:

    As a result of intensive research, we fully understand the architectural and security requirements of major enterprises. Because of this, Apps First incorporates high-standard architectural practices and security guidelines in its app building. Apps developed on this platform are bound to maintain high quality, stability and security.


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  • Extremely Agile:

    Once your app is released to production, you don’t need to wait for weeks or months to make your changes. You can make the changes on-the-go with just a few clicks.The configurable systems,of current app development platforms on the market provide only simple options for changing basic attributes and beyond that you may be forced to do scripting and programming. This is a key differentiator between those platforms and Apps First. The number of customizable properties available on Apps First components is typically 10-30 times more than that of our competitors. Depth matters.


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  • High Maintainability and Re-usability:

    Apps First nurtures reusability. As we understand, lack of reuse is the enemy of IT cost efficiency in enterprises. It is a proven fact that application and data redundancy impacts IT operational expenses by 30-50% in large enterprises – just for maintenance and cleanup. Moreover, it slows down the operational pace of organizations. We find that apps developed using highly reusable components can increase the ease of your future development and largely reduce your total cost of ownership (TCO).


Apps developed on Apps First isolate business rules, app security, business process, data components, web design elements, and brand elements from one another in a smooth compartmentalized fashion with the help of innovative Entity Based Modelling. This makes it easier to identify and change isolated components without affecting other connected ones.

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  • Highly Intelligent: The intelligent brain of Apps First tracks who logs into the app and can change the appearance (skin, style, web layout, responsiveness), content (which section of the page needs to be shown or hidden etc.), and brand elements. Unlike other browser-based technologies like Bootstrap, Apps First engages a more sophisticated mechanism to be adaptive to all kind of device screens.


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  • Secured Hosting and Easy Manageability: Apps developed on Apps First can be hosted on the Enterprise First platform under the guard of Secure First. Seamless integration to other apps is also a piece of cake. Apps First offers several choices on the server infrastructure to fit to your needs.


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  • A Market Place To Buy Or Sell Apps: Stepping far ahead of its competitors, Biz First introduces a unique concept of market place, where the users have the option to buy or sell apps. The apps custom developed by you can be released to the market place for potential buyers to review and purchase if interested. This gives an extra bonus to your app development endeavor and for developers it is a golden opportunity to earn extra bucks. You can also search for apps matching your specific requirements and purchase,them at the best price.


Key Benefits - Market Place

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Altogether, Apps First can be counted as an innovative and comprehensive new-age app development platform, that can serve your end-to-end enterprise IT needs. With many satisfied users enjoying the benefits of Apps First,we enjoy high customer satisfaction, that is the fruit of our investment in unrelenting research and innovative efforts.

It is so easy to setup and create your app. Sign Up Now and Try Apps First Free!


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