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How To Secure An Entity Using Secure First

               We can secure everything related to your App. Normally, It is really a complex task to set permissions in user level and user group level. But with Secure First it will be an easy job. We can secure entities, menus, controls of an App with Secure First.

 Here we are going to see how to secure an entity:

 Search and open the required entity in Apps First

How to Secure an Entity using Secure First.01

 Open the tab- security. There you will have dropdowns such as security model, data security, License model. Select the security model- it can be custom, inherited from parent or owner etc.

How to Secure an Entity using Secure First.02

 If you selected the custom security model, you can set permissions. For this you can choose ‘security’ menu and from there ‘permissions’ in Action bar on the right hand side.

How to Secure an Entity using Secure First.03

 Open permissions and add the users and user groups for whom you would like to set permissions.


 You will have the options to grant and deny the read, write, and execute accessesGranting browse access allows the user to view the control, Read access to read-only, editing is possible if you have write access.

 Once you complete all these steps, you can check it in your App.

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