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How To Secure A Menu Using Secure First

                         You can secure each and every menu in your App in an easy manner using  Secure First.

These are the few steps to secure a menu in your App:

 Search and open the required menu of your app in Apps First. You can also do it through the App itself, Open your App and enable customization. Click on the control security menu.
The remaining steps are as shown below.

How to Secure a menu using Secure First.01

 Then choose security tab and change security to custom. Save the settings. Then click on permissions in Action bar on the right hand side.

 Open permissions and add the users and user groups for whom you would like to set permissions. Note that only the users added here can access the particular menu.

How to Secure a menu using Secure First.02

 You will have the options to grant and deny execute, Admin read, Admin accesses. Granting execute access allows the user to view the control.

 Once you complete all these steps, you can check the menus in your App.

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