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How To Manage Tasks

                                         Task Management is one of the most important aspect in project management. We need an effective management of tasks for the success of any project. Effectively Planning, Establishing, Monitoring and reporting the tasks will equip the project managers with tremendous control over task management. A well-designed project plan will automatically eliminate several unknown threats and risks on the go and ensure smooth-run of a project.

                         Plan First effectively supports all the activities related to task management. You can add a new task very easily. You may want to enter task title, start date, end date, priority, task status, phase etc. There will be an assignor and assignee. Plan First provides the option to add these too.

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                                 Plan First reduces your workload of project managers in a greater extend. Here in task management, while adding a new task there are fields like effort, actual start and end dates, baseline start and end dates etc. You can make it fill automatically by the system if you need. Once you add all the tasks, select the required tasks and use calculate effort, Auto fill actuals, baseline, Bulk assign and dependencies.

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                                  Once you click on calculate effort menu after selecting required tasks it will automatically calculate the efforts required for your tasks. Please remember it uses the calendar that you have selected for your project. We know all the tasks may not complete on the preplanned time. Help there we need Actual dates and base lined dates. You can use Auto fill actuals and baseline menus for calculating all these.

                                Bulk task assigning is another important feature of Plan First. Assign a task for one person. If you want to repeat the same, you just want select all the tasks and click on bulk assign menu. It will automatically fill the ‘assignee’ field.

                         While doing an enterprise level project, it is sure that you may come across with a number of dependent tasks. Dependency can easily be managed through plan first. You can do it from single tasks and by selecting multiple tasks.

                              One of the best feature is Task reports. Project manager’s work will be really easy if they are getting a useful report for their project. We will be having it in three types-Effort dashboard, schedule dashboard, FTE cost dashboard. Effort dashboard gives you a detailed analysis of your project’s efforts which again classified by phase, status, category etc. Scheduled dashboard will shows you completions of actual, base lined and scheduled tasks. FTE cost analysis will provide a detailed view of cost analysis and also further breakup them by status, phase and category.

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