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How To Manage Files Using Docu First

                  Docu First ensure document management an easy task. You can secure the all your documents with this App. We are arranging all of our documents in repositories.

                We can add or edit repositories using ‘Manage repositories’ menu. You can use document explorer to view the repositories and folders saved in those repositories.


Upload, View, Download, History

These are some of the common words in Document Management. As the name suggest you can upload, view and download the files with these menus. History is another great feature of Docu First, Using this you can view and download all the versions of your files.

Check Out and Check in

Check out and check in helps versioning of every document. If you need to update your files, select the file and click on checkout menu. Then we can download and edit the file. Once the changes are completed, we can check-in the file using check in menu. All these version changes are automatically saved so that you can download any version in future.

Admin lock and unlock

Security is a major concern in document management. But using Docu First you don’t want to be worry about security. Admin lock and unload options make all your files safe. Once the admin user locked the file, no other user can destroy or delete the file.

Folders and files

We can create any number of folders and files in our repository. All of the functions above said such as checkout, check in, lock etc. are applicable to folders also. There are menus to do all these for the entire folder.

File Inventory

As we said earlier you can have many files and folders in a repository. It will be nice to get a clear picture of the number and types of the files saved. Docu First provides you this by giving pretty clear images. You can analyze the files and folders with these images easily. This will show the number of files categorized by extension, type, locked or unlocked etc.


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