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How To Manage Change Requests

                      Every Project will go through changes, weather it is big or small. Project Managers will find it difficult to manage the cost and efforts due to the frequent changes. But Plan First has solution for this issue and also one of the major features of Plan First is ‘change request management’.

                  Whenever you have a change in project plan, you can enter all the details to your project easily using Plan First. More importantly you will get the specific report for all this. In the first step, you need to open the project and click on the change request menu on the right hand side. There you will have a list of change request if you have entered already. Now use ‘New’ button to open a new one.

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               It is very important to be approved such type of changes by the project managers or concerned person. You can use the fields in approval window to keep the details of approval and review. Approver and reviewer, status, date and descriptions can be entered here.

              Another important aspect in change request management is impact analysis. Whenever there is a change in project plan, normally you will have change in project cost. This needs to be analyzed properly. You only need to open the impact analysis tab and enter the expected impact cost. You will have the fields to enter the descriptions.

              We have Reports for almost everything that related to project management. Change request is not different, you will get reports for change request on various things. The reports will include actual vs. estimated cost, spent vs. remaining cost, cost break up by status and so on.

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