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How To Create Rules?

               Rules are the most important components of the Decision First. Decision First helps the users to create and implement complex business logics without much effort. The users can create complex rules with in a little time. Decision First gives the users to check the result of the new rules at the time of the creation itself. So that the user can analyze the accuracy of the rules created. Let us see how we can create a Rule.

               For creating a rule the user has to give a name and caption to the rule. Then user has to select the type of the rule according to the return type. If the user needs to reuse another rule, then the user can select inheritance tab.

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               Then the user can give parameters and its values. The user can add as many parameters as they needed. Then the user can select the categories in which the actions added in this rule belong to. Then next tab is published info there the newly created rule can be publish, so that it can be reused. The Logging tab is used to enable or disable the logging of results of the rule on an external file. Preview tab is used to check the result of the rule after execution. So that users can analyse the result and make changes accordingly without much effort.

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               The user can set the rule security from security tab.
The most important component in a rule creation is Condition. Conditions will contain action sets. Condition will return a Yes Or No Answer when executed. If condition is true it will execute some success activities and if the condition is false then it will execute some failure activities. These activities contain some action sets. A condition can be created from the conditions tab.

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               Collection of rules is known as a ruleset. A rule set can be created by adding already created rules. It also gives an option to create a new rule also for creating the rules.
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