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How To Create An Enterprise Project

1. Create a Project

             Creating a Project in Apps First is an easy process. Enter the project name and caption along with description. Once you completed these click on ‘create now’ button. An app will get created within seconds. Now you can make the app a useful one by doing the necessary steps through wizard.

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By default there will be UI, Data, Business and Rules modules; each kept under separate Repositories. The distinct separation of UI, Business, and Data components will help you organize and trace your code more effectively. This separation also helps the user to reuse the code easily.

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2. Create Connection

              Creating a Connection is the next important step in App creation. You can create a connection easily by using ‘New connection wizard’.

To know more about Connection using Wizard Click Here

3. Creating Data Class

            A system need to know everything about the data which it deals with. For example if we are creating a book managing system, the system needs to know the attributes it going to deal with (BookID, Title, ISBN Number etc). A dataclass will contain all the smallest attributes about the system. A New dataclass wizard will automatically build your dataclass from the existing datatable .

To know How to create Data Class using Wizard,Click Here

4. Create Entity

        Entity is a powerful component that manages and drives the behavior of an entity and all its related functions. An Entity’s UI component, Rules, Business Logic, Processes, Services and Data behavior are stored and managed at a single place. With just a few clicks, you will be able to disable or enable useful features for any entity set in the system. For example, in book management system Book is an Entity Author is another entity. Using New Business Entity Wizard the user can create entities from already created data classes without much effort.

See the steps of creating Entities using Wizard,Click Here

5. Create use cases

       Once the entity is completed, the user can create several use cases with use of the Use case wizards. In just minutes, app will be filled with rich functionality related to the Entity. If the user needs to create relationship with other entities, use case wizards can be used.

To know How to create Use Cases using Wizard,Click Here

6. Register Apps

        This is the final step of your App creation. Register the App using RegisterApp menu. Once registration is completed the user can click on Show App menu for running the app.

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