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How To Create A Process

                Business Process is a collection of activities which are meant to execute each specific task or accomplish the task as a whole. A well-designed Process is one, which is loosely coupled with the applications and can independently perform the intended task. It uses separate tools and code-base for building Complex Processes.

               For creating a Process, the user has to select already created Process Thread or have to create new Process Threads. Process Threads contain Process Elements which are the basic component of a Process. There is another tab called inheritance used to inherit another Process that is already created. This helps to reuse a Process. Security tab contains the options to secure the Process.

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Process Threads

           A Process can be broken into multiple Process Threads. Each Process Thread will be again into the basic components, Process Elements. A Process Thread can consist of multiple Process Elements.

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Process Elements

       Process Elements are the basic components of a Process. For creating a Process Element, first the user has to give a name and caption to the new Process Element. Then on the basic tab the user has to give the type of element. Then user will select the sub type of the element. The next Tab is Activity Rules .Here the user can add the rules or actions needed to execute.

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      The next tab is the Gateway Condition. Here also the user can add Actions, Action Sets, Rules and Rule Sets. On the next tab the user can add again Process Threads. The user can add already created Process Threads here.

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