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How To Create A New Business Entity Using Wizard

             You may use the Create New Business Entity Wizard to create an entity (how to guide link here). There are several entity templates to pick from. Every template provides a different user flow and scale. For example Enterprise will provide you with a classic “Search” and “Add” menu options for managing books. This fits for larger entities with more than 1000 records. For smaller entities pick “Data Browser” template which offers a Windows Explorer type user flow.


1. Select Owner modules.
Select the corresponding App modules. By default we will have three App modules: UI App module, Rules App modules and Data App module

How to create a new Business Entity using Wizard.01

2. Create From
In this step you need to select your Data connection and Data class. You will also have an option to create all those from this wizard itself.

How to create a new Business Entity using Wizard.02

3. Entity Templates
In this step you can choose size of your entity. If you are creating a small entity, it will be better to choose a small scale entity (99-999 records), if it is medium scale entity (1000-99999 records) and so

How to create a new Business Entity using Wizard.03

4. Basic Information
In this final step, you can enter the basic information of your new entity such as name, caption, header text etc. It is really important to name your entity with an apt name since it will be helpful to identify them in further steps of App creation.

How to create a new Business Entity using Wizard.04


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