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How To Access Your App

There are several ways you can log into your app.

Option 1 – Through Home

All apps that are accessible to you can be seen when you log into Home. You can log into Home here:

Note: Sometimes you will be asked for your account name. If you do not remember the account name, ask your account admin.

Once you log into Home, you will see two sections:

  1. 1. My Apps

Your apps will be listed under the My Apps section. You are free to access and customize any of these. If you are not able to access these apps, please contact your account administrator.

  1. 2. Available Apps

You will see more apps in the Available section. If you have account admin privileges, you can subscribe to these apps. Please note: the account administration web site requires a separate login, and you will be asked to provide the separate user name and password for it.

Designing Apps

The app development tools are under the  Designing App menu. You can access any of these tools with the click of a button.

Option 2 – Direct Access

You can directly access your app just by appending the app name as a parameter to the url.


Option 3 – Mobile Access

    You can access an app from any mobile or tablet device using the browser. Many of the apps are mobile ready. If you are building a custom app, you can easily make it mobile ready by following certain guidelines.

Option 4 – Mobile App

   It is very simple to convert your app to a mobile app. There are two ways you can get your apps published as mobile apps:

  1. 1. BizFirst app:

Download BizFirst app from the GooglePlay Store and install on your Android device. Open and provide your user credentials and you will land on the Home page. There you go.

  1. 2. Your own app :

   Send a request to [email protected] and ask for the app-download link. We will send you a compiled app code that you can publish in your own store. If you don’t have an Android store, we can place the app on the BizFirst store form, which your users can easily download (eg: SalesHorseRiders in Play Store).


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