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      When it comes to hosting apps, organizations need to be very conscious and diligent. Even if you have a feature-rich application in action, ensuring accessibility, security, and reliability is essential by choosing the perfect hosting solution.

      Conventionally, many of the leading enterprises do hosting on their own premises to safeguard security. However, there are plenty of new age organizations that, have gained confidence in hosting data outside their own premises, as there are now many cost- effective and trustworthy solutions available for hosting.

Changing trends in hosting

      According to Forrester research, by 2017, there will be an exponential growth to more than 60% of organizations hosting their data externally. By the year 2019, external hosting will become so common that companies will give up hosting on their own premises hosting because it will not be cost effective to run business without incorporating PaaS, IaaS and SaaS models.

      Cloud hosting is the primary choice for small to medium enterprises now, and many of the industry giants have also started thinking about third party hosting for their non-critical data and applications.

Key factors to consider

If you are thinking about  hosting data externally, there are two key considerations to be made:

Data Security

  • Whether your data will be kept secured: Irrespective of how better your business is performing or if you are a growing player in the market, it is suicidal if your vital data is accessible to the competitors or vulnerable to intrusion. Not only does it put you into a bad spot legally, it is also about tarnishing your organization’s name and trust. Your competitors can use unsecured information to literally demolish your business to its last brick.
  • Ensuring you’ll have seamless operation even if server or data is disturbed: Back up of your vital data and recovery of data and servers in case of a disaster is of paramount importance to enterprises. In the new-age global business model, enterprises have to be up 24/7. In case of the event of a server, network, or software going down, companies need to keep the downtime to a minimum, if not preventing at all. Zero downtime is top on the list of competitive advantages for any organization to be guaranteed to the customers.

Apps First – a secured hosting solution



 “Your servers, data, and documents are safe. It’s our promise to you.”

      Apps First is an innovative platform from Biz First that allows for the custom development of enterprise applications and hosting of them securely. Our infrastructure and hosting environment is highly secured. Administrators’ and their access to servers and data-related activities are thoroughly monitored and controlled to the core. In addition, client’s access to our production servers is also highly restricted. There are various levels of access controls that are set depending on your subscription plan and preference of hosting models.

      As a unique security measure, Biz First implemented a “Cross Account Isolation” mechanism, which establishes an additional layer of data security. The premium customers can choose to have this level of isolation by getting their own dedicated servers. There are many customers putting their trust in us and taking advantage of our highly secured hosting environments now.

Back up & restoration

      We have deployed foolproof mechanisms to back up your data and servers at regular intervals. The backup cycle is scheduled based on each individual client’s backup and restoration preferences. During sign up, customers have the option to choose a comfortable ‘Recovery Plan’ with flexibility to change it later if needed. And if the server goes down, you will be able switch to a secondary server instantly to ensure seamless service.

Our on-premise option

      If you are still not comfortable with the idea of hosting data externally, Biz First also offers options for having a private server or on-premise hosting. With this, you will only have access to your servers and network.

It is so easy to setup and create your app. Sign Up Now and Try Apps First Free!


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