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Getting Started-Decision First

               Enterprise Systems usually tend to be very complex as large number of business rules will be unevenly distributed over the code files. As a result the rules become less reusable and it in turn increases the Cost of development and maintenance. BizFirst provides a solution for this problem by separating the business rules in to another independent App, Decision First. Decision First helps the users to maintain all the necessary business rules in a central repository. Decision First helps the users to create complex business rules without much effort. Even a layman can design complex business rules.

1. Action

               The smallest component of Decision First is Actions. By creating simple actions and arranging these actions in a special way helps the Decision First to create complex rules.The user can arrange these actions into groups known as action sets so that by executing an action set all the actions associated with that particular action set will execute one by one.

To Know how to create an Action Please Click Here

2. Condition

               Condition helps to create meaning full rules. Conditions are used to take the decision which parts of the rules are to be executed.

To Know how to create a condition Please Click Here

3. Rules

               Rules help the users to create complex business logics. Rules contain all other components of the Decision First.

To Know How to create a Rule Please Click Here


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