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      With the increasingly large role IT plays in new age businesses, offering more efficiency and reach, developing database-centric enterprise applications has become a very expensive and time-consuming deal.

      Developing a good quality application featuring a few screens and database tables may cost you anywhere between $75,000 and $100,000 from choosing a Tier I (Expert Level) development service provider. Tier II and Tier III alternatives are also options, which can bring down the cost of initial development through an affordable quality level. You can also find Tier IV providers that provide a significant cost reduction, but there is a high risk of the project becoming a major mishap if you are not so lucky.


App Budget Consumption

      The majority of the cost involved with building a custom enterprise app is consumed by the design and coding work, using procedural programming languages like Java, SQL, and JavaScript. This is the process the majority of development firms follow.


      Even if someone uses an app development studio to accelerate the development process, about 40% of the project cost and time is still eaten up by procedural language development. Plus, each new line of code created by an expert developer then needs to be thoroughly checked – further increasing the cost.

      And after release, any changes that must be made in the system require additional effort and manual coding from expert developers to fit into the language framework. So, apart from the initial development cost, about 20-30% of the cost is repeated at at many stages during usage and maintenance of an enterprise app.

 Now, the question is:

Are there any alternatives to the conventional procedural languages that can reduce cost and development time?

Further, are there ways to cut down the cost and complications needed of maintenance and updating of apps?

With Apps First, the answer is yes.

Apps First – a One – Stop Solution

      Unlike using traditional procedural languages, Apps First uses a highly innovative declarative language, that is much easier to develop and change. As the machine does the coding on the back-end, it is also not susceptible to any human errors. This, in turn, can drastically increase the quality of applications on one hand and decrease time to release on the other.

      Apps First offers a line of intelligent wizards, which can help develop enterprise apps at lightening speed. For example, if you have a database table and you want to provide feature for Search, Add, Update and Delete features on the database, Apps First Wizards can easily create these functions in just a couple of minutes.

      Many advanced features are much more complex than the basic CRUD function. Not a problem, though, as Apps First is equipped with many high-end wizards that, can take care of any complex data scenarios and create readily available use-cases.

      When an App First wizard creates a particular use case,  it creates various UIs, data, rules, and security components on its own. Unlike what competitors do, Apps First creates components in a very loosely coupled fashion, which makes it extremely flexible for undergoing changes at a later point without causing any harm to other connected components – a true differentiator from other systems.

Faster Development , Thus Cost  Savings


      Developing an app using Apps First is about 90% faster compared to development using traditional procedural language. To back this up, we checked with a third party to estimate the effort required for developing a medium-size enterprise app with basic functionality. The quote we received was for 1,040 man-hours for complete the project.

      On Apps First, our team estimates it takes 16 hours to complete the same project,– end to end.  Plus, Apps First’s version would have many more functional features, as well.

Watch our You Tube video demo to learn about the innovative ways apps can built easily, quickly, and cost effectively on Apps First.

No Magic, Just Simple Logic

      Back in the 90’s, just developing a simple static web site was a difficult and time-consuming affair; but by 2010, it became a simple self-service task for anyone.

      Biz First is applying the same logic to enterprise app development by changing and improving how apps are built.

It is so easy to setup and create your app. Sign Up Now and Try Apps First Free!


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