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Debugging And Tracing Web Designer

            Web Designer is an amazing product which enables the user to customize the Apps they create. It enables the user to use already created large variety of Themes, Styles and Skins according to their preferences. They can even Design their own Themes, Styles or Skins using Web Designer Tools with less effort. .However, more features and in-depth configuration abilities can also create confusions. So it is important that the Designers should be able to trace and debug the Web Designer objects. For example, you should know where the Active Portal Page is coming from for an App. The ability to trace Web Designer objects and its origin comes handy while you are debugging.

            Sometimes when a Designer changes the CSS file of an App using the same App that he logged in, it is quite possible that you could make some style sheet mistakes and get the screens messed up. In that case the user should be able to switch and open the App in safe mode. Some developers like opening the style sheets directly on their own a tool from file system and change the CSS online. The Direct Files option allows the Designer to directly change the compiled CSS and layouts at the server

Safe Mode

            Safe Mode enables the user to run the job in safe mode. If the user landed on any type of errors and he has enabled the safe mode, the user can load the safe CSS options pre-selected by the user. However it is important that the user has to create Safe Mode folders before starting the operations. By sending the parameter Safe Mode=Y through the query string, the user can load the previous safe CSS options. However, the Safe Mode parameter will be ignored, if Allow Safe Mode preference is disabled by the user.

            The Direct Files option can also be enabled in the user preference and user can FTP into the server to directly change the CSS files. Remember, only selected editions and Server Modals allow direct access to Files for security reasons.


            By enabling Trace the user can receive informative messages from the running application that can help diagnose problems or analyze performance. It helps the user to analyze and correct potential problems in deployed applications. The Web Designer enables the user to set trace for each and every entity on the application such as for Menu Items, Pads, Controls, Tree Nodes etc, so that the user can easily find minute problems for any of the components of the application and fix it properly. The user can enable traces according to the preferences; the user can enable trace only on user level or can enable trace for system level as well as account level etc.

            From a user point of view Web Designer is wonderful tool for customizing the application according to the user imaginations without the help of an expert Web Designer. Here the user can not only Design the application but also can enable debugging options like trace, so that the user can monitor the working of the application and can correct the problems if find anything. So Web Designer is a tool for Designing as well as maintenance.


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