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Customizing Skin

           Skin is a combination of a set of Styles, Theme and Brand. Skin can give your app a unique look. You can select a skin from plenty of skins available on the design bank or you can customize one. Let us check how you can customize a skin for your
App Smart Truck.


           The First step is to create a Style by adding CSS (Click Here to Learn How). Then you have to create a Theme (Click Here to Learn More). Now it’s time to create a Brand (Click Here to Learn More). Now you can create a Skin. You have to select New Skin Option from Manage Skin Menu. In this page you have to give the name of the new skin you are going to prepare.

           Here you can select the Brand to you have created. Then select the required Theme. Select the Styles required. The user can enter the version number also. Save the Skin, now new Skin is created.


           Now you need to apply the Skin on to your application. For that select App preference settings. Select the Web Designer general node and select Skin. On Skin page select the Skin you have created and save the selection .Now your App have changed to new Skin. It will have a new look and feel now. The application with new Skin is shown below.



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