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Customizing Portal Page – An Example

                 Once you define your Brand, Theme, Style, Skin and Layouts – they all are connected together through the Portal Page. It is set in such a way that every Web Page you see is based on a single Portal Page. A Portal Page can easily be defined and assigned to any App or Web Page. It also supports multi-level inheritance – a great way to increase reusability to save time and effort and enjoy easy maintainability. Let us take an example of Smart Truck app.


                 For creating a Portal Page select the Add New Portal Page option from Manage layouts menu on the Web Designer. Give name to the new Portal Page. You can create a Portal Page by combining Skin and layout or you can inherit already created Portal Page. You can select the portions where you need to change the appearance at the page window. In this example imagine you are going to select the required Skin and layout and create a Portal Page combining the two.


                 Save the Portal Page. Now select app preference and select the Web Designer general node. There you have to select the Portal Page. Then you can select the newly created Portal Page and save the selection. Now your app will have new Portal Page. So the looks of the Portal Page have changed now. New looks of the App is showed below



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