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Customizing Client Device Profile Mapping

                  Client device profile Mapping Tool helps you to configure the application according to the device you are using. For example, if you are using a mobile phone for accessing the application the configuration of your application will change according to that device. You can configure skins, themes, styles and brands according to the devices. Let us check how you can configure the profile map according to the devices

                  Let us consider the example of App Smart Truck. You have to select the Add new device profile map. Select the app to which the new device profile map is going to configure.  Create device map configuration for different devices like Mobile, Tab etc


                  For creating a device map configuration, you can first select the device type to which you are going to create configuration. Then select the device sub type like small, large, medium etc. Then select the device name. Now you can select the App behavior which is compatible for the device type selected. Here you can select Skin, Layout, Portal page etc which will be suitable for the device to which the App is configured to. On control dimension tab you can give the default control width, control height etc. There you will get an option to put the label on top of the App. Save the configuration.


                  Then you need to select user preference settings and select the Web Designer general node. There you have to select the client device profile mapping. On client device profile mapping page you have to select the newly created profile map. Now you have to add the profile mapping at app level as well as administrator level, as when the app get loaded in another device it will check the app for configuration. If not found then will check the user preference, the app preference and last the administrator preference.


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