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Customizing BizFirst Master Data Setup

               We can manage all of our master data using master data setup. Here we are going to see how to manage all these.


               You can manage all the codes here. For example you can have a dropdown control called ‘Address type’ in your App. There may be some default values already. If you want to add more to this like ‘office’, ‘billing’ etc. you just need to add these codes to your code type (Address type). You can also add new Code Type similar to address type while developing any new functionality.


               You can add new countries to your master data if necessary.But there may be a lesser chance to add new countries since almost every country might have added already. We need to choose add new country menu and fill fields like country name, country code, currency and flag file name and save.


               You can manage states here. New states can be added to the countries if you found any new one. You just want to select new state menu and save new state along with the state code and country.


               Usage of different currencies will be there in your Apps. It is possible to add new currencies along with their currency symbol, currency status and conversion rate.



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