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Customize Any App – Learn In 5 Minutes

Customizing your app is a simple task.

The first step is to log into your app using the login screen. Remember, you must have administrative power to customize your app.

Once you opened your app, click on “Enable Design Mode” menu option.


At this time, you will see several new icons appearing on your app. Each icon provide you access to the settings of form, pad, control or menu etc.

Let us say you would like to customize a particular Form “Edit Qualifications” in your app by adding a new textbox field in it. Let us see how easy it is to accomplish this task.

Navigate the “Edit Qualifications” form. On the form, will menu options to add Textbox. Click on the menu to bring up the New Control Wizard. Follow the wizard steps. Most of the wizard fields are already configured with default values. If you are in doubt – leave them or search in our blog site with the field name.




If you are going to add several controls, it will be a better experience to accomplish this through the Form Editor. Click on “Manage Form” menu on top to bring the form editor.


Let us see how you can re-arrange controls. Let us say, you would like to move the Institution Textbox above the Remarks textbox. Just select both these controls and click on “Bring Together (Move Up)” menu.



Save the settings. See the form; institution textbox is seen above the remarks textfield.


There are several form editing features available through the form editor. These are some of the advanced features you can easily add to your form

  1. Add a detailed grid to a form
  2. Add a detailed multi edit grid to a form
  3. Add multiple Forms within another form
  4. Add charts
  5. Add gauges
  6. Add data sliders
  7. Add Image Sliders
  8. Add document management controls
  9. Integrate any other data or form

You can accomplish a lot with BizFirst. And if you are not able to do it by yourself, reach out to [email protected] – we will create it for you and train you – absolutely free of cost.

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