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Learn to Create a New App in 5 Minutes

Follow these simple steps to create a professional app in just five minutes.

Step 1: Login

Log into Apps First here:

To learn about the various ways you can access you app, read “How To Access Your App.”

Step 2:Create New Project

Select Create a New Project from the menu shown below.


Provide a name for your app (without any spaces) and a short caption and description.


Step 3: Create a New Table

Click on Create a New Use Case from the menu shown below.


You are about to create your first database table and screens associated with it. Please choose a name for the table (or use case). In this example, we are using the table to store vehicle information, so we will name the table “TRM_Vehicles.”

Please note the Header Text is seen by your users, so make sure it’s a user-friendly name. The list Header Text is referring to multiple vehicles, so we’ve simply named it “Vehicles. 2015-11-16 15-17-16

On the next page, you will be able to review and re-adjust some of the settings. You are not required to change anything here.

The Finish button will automatically create the table, code, and forms for you within a minute. It will then take you to the Form Editor where you can add more controls to your table/form.

Your first table is completed with basic fields.

Step 4: Add More Controls to the Table/Page

In the form editor, you will see four controls. An ID column and a Name column are automatically added to the table by BizFirst. Your next step is to add new controls from the New Property menu. For example, you can create a textbox control and name it “License Plate.” There are several advanced options for building a fully featured form with the form editor. Click here to learn more.

AppsFirst003-01-02 - 05

Step 5.Preview the App
Click on Solution Explorer and browser to the App


Click on the Run App menu to preview your app. You can search for vehicles or define new vehicles from the screen.

Please note: your app will be slower when running in the design mode. It will be much faster after the initial use.

Congratulations! You first basic app is ready. It is available through this link: and also in your mobile.



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