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Business Agility Is Your Best Competitive Advantage

   Is being ‘agile’ in your list of competitive advantages for strategic business planning? Is your business capable of instantly reacting to customer feedback and market shifts by changing your game plan—without hampering your end goal?These are some major areas of challenges a business faces in a rapidly changing global market.

Adaptability is the road to success

   The ability to adapt quickly is a game changer in today’s business climate. When everyone on your team is on the same page and pulling in the same direction, it is easier to absorb shifts, make changes, and innovate on-the-fly.

Road to success

   So, a business leader’s responsibility is to always anticipate change and find ways of handling it. The road to success is not smooth; you are likely to encounter a lot of forks there. You will be a sustainable organization only if you are well informed and better prepared to adopt the necessary changes at the right time to get from Point A to Point B. And always keep this golden rule of business in mind:

“Good businesses don’t change strategies every month; but they just change the tactics for executing a strategy.”

Change management

   Making a big change in business is always challenging and the commitment required  to make changes happen shouldn’t be underestimated. Change initiatives need approximately 75% of recognizable support from key business leaders and managers. If you can get the cream of the staff and stakeholders on board with a strategic management process, getting others  on the same page will be much easier.

   And it is always important to run an effective change management endeavor on the basis of the three “W’s”:

  • What will change?
  • What will remain the same?
  • Why the change is important?

   Asking these questions will help execute the change process and also help alleviate the fears of your staff about what may happen as a result of the change.

Business agility

   Since change management scenarios can be so complex possessing, ‘business agility’ is the key to success in order for organizations to quickly adapt to changes and instantly modify strategies. Having business agility ensures:

  • A systematic approach to change management
  • A flexible framework for business owners
  • Incorporation of needs of the market
  • The interests of the entire organization are taken care of


   There are a number of new technologies in IT that way proved to be so helpful in ensuring business agility. Cloud computing, for example, allows better scalability and definable per-user costs. Some other major practices that offer a better environment for driving business agility initiatives are:

  • Development of mobile technology for easy access
  • Collaboration software for improving internal communication
  • Brainstorming among team members for refinement of ideas
  • Usage of social media for real-time interactions with customers, etc

Agility and cost factor

   The relationship between Agility and cost of operations is very close relationship. It is significant that an organization with low cost of ownership can successfully maintain its agility. The success mantra for business agility is to “cut the fat and boost the growth.” Having agility allows businesses to:

  • Lower fixed costs by eliminating waste
  • Reinvesting savings into other growth areas

   It is not just all about the initial cost savings, but the need is for accountability, governance and ongoing financial control mechanisms to persistently maintain changes and route the business to a successful path.

   Smaller companies, when compared to their larger competitors, have a significant advantage in terms of agility. It is important for both larger and smaller companies to realize this reality and ensure that they are well equipped to handle the competition. As we all know, enterprise IT scenario is much complicated now with higher costs involved and less flexibility for change overtime.The Important question remain: is there a way out?

Apps First as your agile, cost saving partner

   Usually, a client company’s products and services depend highly on the parent company’s internal transactional systems. Most of the time, conventional internal applications are very rigid and can be changed only over long periods of time. To take hold of first-to-market advantages, you should be able to change your business logic, rules, forms, and security of your enterprise app quickly, effectively, and cost effectively. So, it is important to;

  • Reduce time sensitivity
  • Reduce people dependency
  • Reduce infrastructure cost
  • Increase decision-making speed

Apps First does all the above.

 Apps First is a configurable app development system, that has brought a true innovative shift in enterprise app making through its capability to build apps instantly and flexibility and incorporate changes effectively without tampering the process. The users can easily change business logic, rules, forms, security, validation and even data structure by themselves in just a few minutes. On Apps First, you are not tied to any complicated development lifecycles or time delays to incorporate changes, and all at a negligible cost.


Agility is your game now

   Consider the example of having a CRM system used for effective customer relation management. Say your business grows and you might have to start leveraging the benefits of analytics. You may have a new need to capture the ethnicity of your customers, which will be a vital factor in strategizing your marketing and product offering plans. Agility is your need here.

   To have a conventional CRM developed on technical language, you may have to coordinate with a development team, which will require going through the entire system development life cycle (SDLC) and a significant amount of cost and time.

   With Apps First, this can be done with a simple add-on, which the user can do himself in a matter of hours. Whether it’s a form, rule, or validation, anything can be changed this way.

90% savings in time – and 90% savings in cost is the Apps First guarantee

It’s not magic, just good logic

   Apps First is not another “magical” app development platform, but imply a simple self-service system working on plain logic. To ensure your business’s agility and  competitive advantages, just develop your enterprise systems with Apps First – ,in house or on the Cloud – to add a “Lightening Speed to Market” advantage to your organization’s vision.

It is so easy it to setup and create your app. Sign Up Now and Try Apps First Free!


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