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           Our world is fast-changing, and we are constantly seeing the rise and fall of a variety of technologies and trends related to internet, e-commerce, and IT in business. As part of that, we have witnessed the evolution of responsive UI design, which brought a revolutionary change to the look and feel of modern day websites and apps. With responsive design, app and website screens can now fit perfectly to the size of the devices on which they are open. There are plenty of browser-based technologies evolving in order to ensure optimum device responsiveness.


           In our modern times, mobile devices have evolved in the different forms of cell phones, smart phones, net books, tablets, and flex laptops. If responsive design hadn’t evolved, the pages designed for PC display on different browsers, such as as Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer, would be unreadable on mobile devices.

           Responsive design features scalable images and flexible layouts that can instantly adapt to the dimensions of the device screen. Before responsive design, multiple sites had to be maintaining for different devices, which was not at all cost effective or manageable. Having a responsive design is a competitive advantage for businesses now. So, how can you incorporate this advantage into your business by developing your enterprise apps in a responsive manner? That’s where we can help.

Apps First : Taking Responsiveness To Next Generation

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           Now, you know the importance of responsiveness and how it is done. We are taking this to the next level by compiling content, branding, layout, and styling as responsive components too. This can bring in endless numbers of possibilities in taking your business to new heights and amazing your clients with the level of personalization and customization features. Just imagine your app changing its brand logo, layout, color schemes, and style based on the device on which it’s opened.

           With Apps First, you can simply define multiple brand objects, layouts, and styles and can easily set up rules for showing them based on the screen size of each device. Not only that, you can also customize the amount of content or forms shown or hidden on each mobile device. Say, for example, you might have six forms on the home page of your app when you access it from a desktop.That can be limited to two or three forms at a time when someone accesses it from a smaller mobile device.

Unlimited Personalization

           The web designer tool on Apps First not only helps change the appearance and content of your app based on the device used;it can also change things based on who is logged into the system. Based on the logged in user or account, there are several combinations of rules that can be set for the app pages to change style, branding, content, layout, or text,depending on who is viewing it.

           Imagine your clients getting a personal feel when logging into your app from a layout that matches their design, their logo side-by-side to yours, and content they appreciate. Make your app users feel at home!This is the best in app personalization.

It is so easy to setup and create your app. Sign Up Now and Try Apps First Free!


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