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Apps First Ensures Reusability–Check Out How It Can Offer You Big Savings

      Are you fed up with trying out the so-called web-based app development tools? Do they seem like the best apps for business, but fail to achieve what you want in the real world? Even though the concept of self-made apps has been around for quite sometime now, customized app development by users has not been fully embraced due to many shortfalls in conventional app-making services.

      In fact, a great app maker must be developed based on intensive research to meet the fast-changing industry needs. As information technology is experiencing immense changes day by day, a real business app maker should be able to incorporate all needs and ensure the best output to users. That’s what Apps First from Biz First is doing—providing the most comprehensive solution to hit the market now.


      Apps First brings in a fresh paradigm to custom business applications development. It allows corporate companies as well as non-technical individuals to make comprehensive database-centric applications on their own. It is a very easy-to-use web-based app development platform that incorporates the best in all areas of business app-making. Along with the major features this cloud app maker studio offers, let’s check out how it incorporates reusability and how it helps.

Efficient reusability of codes

      With Apps First, apps can be created on an online app builder at a rapid pace with the help of automated code generators and simple drag-and-drop customization menus. Although this feature is used in the majority of app makers, what makes Apps First unique among these is its option for reusability. Apps First truly believes in the power of reusability.

      So, what is reusability? It is a simple method we tend to ignore most of the time. If you have already spent your time and effort on developing an application with several components like forms,controls,rules, and data components, why wouldn’t you want to use the same components next time you have a similar need? For example, if you have created a form that accepts the address of a customer, it will much easier to simply reuse that same form, or some part of the same form,to capture the address of a vendor as well.

      This is not just about saving cost; it will help with standardization of business logic and ensuring higher quality. When you make changes to a particular business logic, you don’t have to worry about making the same changes to ten other apps or worry about missing it at one place.

App Development Software

      This way, a task that could otherwise have taken a lot of time and effort can be easily accomplished in no time with effective reusability. Research shows reusable resources can cut down cost and time spent on projects by more than 60%. Apps First made this a reality while several other competitors ignored it.

      Take another example:You create a data source that can fetch unique duplicate contacts. Upon publishing it, you will now be able to access that same data source, or its cached data, from anywhere.

      In another instance, imagine you are building an Address Capturing Form for a particular app. You can reuse the same UI element other places as well to achieve similar functionality. No extra effort is spent a second time, which makes the entire development process much easier in the long run.

      Biz First has made almost everything inheritable in AppsFirst—not only the codes, rules, services, and process, but even the UI components such as forms, controls, pads, data sources, menus, data connections, data classes, skins, brands, layouts, themes, etc. All can be reused through Biz First’s innovative publishing and inheritance techniques.

      Lastly, Apps First also has a highly innovative framework called “Entity Extension.”Say you developed an application to manage vehicles. You may have developed various UI and data components in it. Now you need to develop another application that manages trucks. You may want to reuse several screens from the vehicle app and may even want to reuse the data and data-structure whileadding some new features. Sounds complex—but not with Apps First!Our wizards make this unbelievably easy for you.

It is so easy to setup and create your app. Sign Up Now and Try Apps First Free!

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