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Apps First – App Cost Effectiveness Is No More Longer A Myth with Apps First

Is there such a thing as zero-cost software?

Well, we have something close!

Looking at the typical global IT scenario, one can see that software development is a very costly affair. There are various factors affecting the cost and quality of enterprise application development, and different approaches over time have brought in a lot of random changes in software development.

What are the major factors affecting cost of development? Let’s see:

Cost factors in application development

One major factor affecting software development cost is the choice of the development vendor. We can broadly classify the vendors into 4 tiers. Tier I vendors are usually the most expensive, yet they are expected to deliver the best quality products. On the other end, tier III vendors may offer cost reductions of up to 30% to 40% compared to Tier I in an acceptable quality range. Tier IV vendors, though they can bring in 50% to 60% initial cost savings compared to Tier I competitors, are to be generally avoided.

Next to vendors, another major factor that has a linear impact on cost is the size of the software. Complexity of the requirement and functionality to be achieved are also big cost factors. Apart from these, choice of technology, offshore development, and need for R&D also have major budgetary impacts.

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On a random try, we checked it out with a few vendors for a requirement to develop an app with 5 transaction screens and 5 database tables. A Tier I vendor had given a quote of $100,000 and 4 months’ time to develop it. Whereas, a couple of Tier III vendors had given an average quote of $30,000. Above this, you may have to keep an additional 20% money reserve in case of change requests, which is inevitable in software development.

Even though plenty of cheaper vendors are likely available compared to the prices we were quoted, you may not want to take that risk

Where does all the money go?

 What do you think? Is it fair to charge $30-100K to develop an app with just a few screens and some basic workflow logic? Why is it so expensive to build apps? Even after making it, why would the installation and maintenance become more expensive?

An analysis would show you that more than 80% of the tasks involved in app development are repetitive in nature,plus some minor tweaks. Say, for example, all apps need to deal with users and user groups. Is it necessary to rebuild this functionality each time? Data-entry into a combination of database tables is a common use case, and why would you have to spend extra time to build the same usecase again? Similarly, uploading a document, creating a task, and merging contacts, etc. are repeating tasks and you shouldn’t have to pay extra for them each time.

Considering this information, no doubt you can see that nearly 80% of the effort by the development team is pretty pointless, as they aren’t reinventing the wheel. Plus, there could be some potential bugs in the wheel. If you have a smart platform to effectively define and reuse common use cases well, it can result in a huge cost reduction in your development endeavors.

Apps First as your cost-saving haven

Low Cost  Apps First, the next generation custom application development platform from Biz First, already implemented many common use cases and published them through a highly reusable library. Whenfinding a particular usecase unavailable, you have the option to define new usecases and reuse them. Apps First reusable usecase library is ever-expanding and capable of meeting many of your custom needs.

 This is just one of the many innovative features Apps First offers, and altogether, Apps First is well-equipped to bring the power of customized enterprise application development to the users. Apps First can drastically improve the app developer’s efficiency with many cool app development wizards. This will act as a platform to giveyou a head start ataccomplishing your development tasks. A typical app thatcould otherwise take four months and a lot of money to complete can be easily developed and launched, using Apps First, in a day or two. You’ll also find the cost of just 8 to 16 hours of development is negligible when compared to the 600 hours it would normally take.

There is no complicated logic or unbelievable gimmicks used; we just make things simple, which is why Apps First is so cost effective.

And that’s not all that sets Apps First apart from other app developers. Apps developed using a procedural language havea higher maintenance cost. Plus, a technical specialist must alwaysbe available to implement any changes,which involves going through the entire development processagain, easily skyrocketingthe cost. And besides cost, but this method can considerably slow down the operational pace of your business.

On the other hand, a configurable system like Apps First allows you to incorporate any changes instantly without affecting the flow of the process. End-to-end traceability of the code, structured code base, and the declarative nature of the code base serve allow for easy maintainability of apps built withApps First.

 Numbers prove the facts

 Let us once again consider the example above of using a typical app development program. The cost involved in developing an App cantake tenworkdays of development effort. Depending upon the number of users, it may require a shared or dedicated server; to be on a safe side, let us consider a minimal 4 GB server.

Initial Cost
Reccuring Cost

 Besides the low cost of developing on Apps First, you can save even more if you can spend some time referring to the training materials, which can empower you to develop and launch your featured app all by yourself—just for $99. The recurring expense starts from $29 (for a shared server) and goes up based on the usage. Now compare those figures to the ones from an average app developer.

Trust us, Biz First isn’t doing any magic—we just care about making things simpler and more transparent for you.

It is so easy to setup and create your app. Sign Up Now and Try Apps First Free!


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