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Building High Quality Business Apps for Enterprises

            Business application development has always been a tiring affair for enterprises, both in terms of cost as well as time consumption. Even with custom developed applications and the implementing of specific requirements, CXOs and CTOs would most of the time find the application deviating from the original objective and with unforeseen issues. This then leads to investing more money and time to fix it, and the cycle continues.

            The process of application development has always been costly. But are there any alternatives? The answer is: yes. We will explore those, but first, let’s have a brief overview of the key characteristics to look for in enterprise grade applications.

  Key Characteristics Of Enterprise Apps

        1.Optimum Performance 


          The main area that shouldn’t be compromised and that decides the success of any enterprise grade app is its performance. It is essential to make sure that the app is built with clean and efficient source code. Well-researched and scalable architecture is the key to ensuring optimum performance of any application. This requires high-end logic and effective coding to make the app perform well even when a high number of users are logged into the system. A well-thought-out and implemented design guarantees optimum level of performance.

        2.Unrelenting Security 


           Next, it is highly important to protect enterprise-grade security in order to ensure the smooth running of any business. Enterprises want to protect their data, servers, files, documents, and application source code from any intruders or unrecognized systems. The golden rule to follow here is to “provide the right information to the right users” and “always keep away from trespassers.” A well-built application should be able to get the users and resources well organized, traced, and controlled.


        3.Futuristic Design


           You likely have an entrepreneurial vision for your business to stay ahead of the times and to make it adaptable to fast-changing market needs and challenges. So, enterprise apps also need to be built with that same futuristic vision of flexibility and adaptability to changes for at least the next 10 years. The apps should have the ability to expand business logic, data structure, features, workflow, and process managementfor taking care of the business architecture. The system should be capable of expanding its user base and database exponentially—and sometimes very drastically.

        4. Seamless Integrability

           Your enterprise appis not meant to act as a standalone for a specific functionality. The effectiveness of an app is evidentby its capability to integrate with other functional components and make it easier for users to enjoy a simplified experience and centralized control. So, apps should be able to give and take services and data from other systems. A major characteristic that determines the value of a futuristic app is surely its capability for seamless integration.

       5. Easy Maintainability


           Once the enterprise app is satisfactorily built and implemented, the next big challenge is its maintenance over time, which should not be a burden to its users. Areas that must be taken care of during development to ensure easy maintenance include: highly maintainable source code, low data and app logic redundancy, clean and bug-free code, an easy-to-understand and simple coding style, and a high degree of reusability that can have similar functionality in other places.

        6. Make it Brandable


            The proper branding of components related to your business is a key factor in its success. So, when you develop an enterprise app for your business, its brand aspect needs to be well done. Consider a futuristic interface design that can change according to the brand interests of your customers or users based on who logs onto the app. You must ensure that the user interface follows the standard guidelines for enterprises from a branding and navigational standpoint.

        7.Cost, Cost, Cost !!!

            The essential characteristics mentioned above are surely very important. However, when all these are incorporated, it surely has a substantial impact on the cost.

             Let’s come back to that key question again: are there any alternatives? And again, the answer is yes—a well-defined development process can drastically control and reduce the cost of making and maintaining an enterprise grade app.

Apps First: Lightweight, Scalable, Low cost

            Apps built on Apps First (a reliable app development platform from Biz First) covers all of the above essential characteristics very effectively. The common use cases defined in Apps First are built using solid enterprise data and application architecture, and they are then published inits library. Apps First also incorporates well-researched and proven design and architectural patterns to create a solid technology base for app building. The power of Microsoft’s SQL Server database is also offered for undisputed data efficiency.

  • Easy UI: Apps First uses a standard transactional application UI model that is highly customizable. The admin and transactional app UI models are different from the social, collaboration website UI models. Our engineers designed the basic UI by following the objective of optimal productivity and maximum ease of use.
  • Security Guaranteed: Apps First also has a solid and easily integrable security system to guard your apps. Secure First from Biz First is an unrelentingly, strong access and identity management security software, which can guard your data, servers, access management, and vital documents.
  • Flexible and Extendable: All the apps built on Apps First are highly flexible too. You can easily add rules, forms, pages, or data structure anytime on-the-go without the help of a developer. This, in turn, ensures a high cost advantage in terms of maintenance and upgrading of apps. It is truly built for the future. And as the user base and database grows, one can simply add more servers to scale up the app on this extendable cloud platform
  • Data Sharing: Your apps can easily share with or receive data from other apps within the same  app ecosystem. This brings forth a huge opportunity for you when a hosted app can, with fool-proof security, directly access data from other apps. Going a step further, based on setup instructions, an app can also access data from other data sources outside the platform.
  •   Re-usability: Apps built on Apps First have a highly maintainable code, as the components are highly reusable. You need not worry about going through the chaos of rebuilding areas if any changes need to be incorporated. Instead, on Apps First, changes can be made with just a few clicks without hampering the flow of the program. In addition, the possibility of human errors is also fully eradicated as the coding is made by the machine.
  • Branding as You Need it: Apps First fully understands the value of branding in business. The apps built on this platform are highly sensitive to branding needs. Just imagine you can change the logo of all your apps just by simply changing your account logo, or that you can change the skin of multiple apps over a few clicks. There is a ‘Brand’ component in the Web Designer tool that helps you meet all the branding needs in a breeze.
  •   Not Burning a Hole in your Pocket: When it comes to cost, all of these features on Apps First are available to you at an unbelievably low price. Biz First makes app development simplified without putting any financial burden on the users.

It is so easy to setup and create your app. Sign Up Now and Try Apps First Free!


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