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Business Agility Is Your Best Competitive Advantage


   Is being ‘agile’ in your list of competitive advantages for strategic business planning? Is your business capable of instantly reacting to customer feedback and market shifts by changing your game plan—without hampering your end goal?These are some major areas of challenges a business faces in a rapidly changing global market. Adaptability is the road […]


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Apps First – App Cost Effectiveness Is No More Longer A Myth with Apps First

Low Cost

Is there such a thing as zero-cost software? Well, we have something close! Looking at the typical global IT scenario, one can see that software development is a very costly affair. There are various factors affecting the cost and quality of enterprise application development, and different approaches over time have brought in a lot of […]


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Building An Intelligent App That Changes Itself Dynamically


           Our world is fast-changing, and we are constantly seeing the rise and fall of a variety of technologies and trends related to internet, e-commerce, and IT in business. As part of that, we have witnessed the evolution of responsive UI design, which brought a revolutionary change to the look and […]


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Will Programmers Still Have Coding Jobs by 2020?

Cloud computing

As part of a corporate research team, I had an opportunity to interact with many business owners, CEO s, and process managers across industries. While 30% of them were satisfied with the enterprise applications of various classes they used, the wishes of 70% could be concluded as: “I could have done it far better to […]


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Customization of UI Components in AppsFirst–a Cutting-Edge Feature over the Competitors


           Customized app development has now become more simplified  with AppsFirst from BizFirst, an all-inclusive app builder studio.It makes even a novice into an expert app developer. No matter how simple or complex your requirement is, AppsFirst can help to actualize your goals in terms of enterprise app development by making […]


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Platform as a Service (PaaS)– Simplifying App Development


For quite some time now, the term PaaS (Platform as a Service) has being used anywhere you read about new-age technology or innovation.It is recommended widely as a must-adopt alternative in enterprise development operations, ranging from high-end enterprise application integration to even small business apps. However, the experts in this area as well as service […]


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The Best New Age Solutions for Business Enterprises through Customized App Development


The global business arena is getting more competitive with each passing day. Across the board, enterprises struggle to survive and meet the ever-changing market needs and demands. Every business organization strives to find a winning edge over its competitors and remain afloat. The truth is, the key to success is ensuring top-notch services that organizations […]


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